Chapter 1
What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and best-known crime prevention organizations in North America. It’s been around a long time — since 1972 — and it’s a way for communities to band together, in conjunction with law enforcement, to make their neighborhoods safer and improve people’s quality of life. Neighborhood Watch groups have regular meetings to set and plan goals, and responsibilities are assigned to group members. Neighborhood Watch is homeland

security at the most local level. Neighborhood Watch Activities are a fun way for community members to get to know each other while making a difference.

Neighborhood Watch is homeland security at the most local level.

Why is neighborhood watch important?

Neighborhood Watch has long been a linchpin for community spirit and “getting things done.” It’s a grass-roots program directed at:

Basic Crime Prevention
Eliminates opportunities for criminals; Keeps an eye on the community, watching for suspicious behavior.

Disaster Preparedness
Teaches skills to prepare for man-made and natural disasters. Encourages citizen involvement in preparation and planning.

Building a Stronger Community
Participants get to know their neighbors, and offer and receive help.

The most successful Neighborhood Watch groups expand their concerns beyond crime prevention to include quality of life issues and fun activities to build community spirit.