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How Much Time Do Burglars Serve in Prison?

Burglary is defined as an unauthorized entry into a home or building with the intent to commit a crime within the premises. It happens rather frequently in towns and cities big and small throughout the United States. But those who choose to commit burglary generally have to pay in the form of prison time.

Different types of burglary

Depending on the jurisdiction and the specific act committed, burglary can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Burglary is also frequently classified as first, second or third degree depending on how serious the crime is.

Misdemeanor burglary - Generally less severe in nature, misdemeanor burglary can carry up to one year in a county jail facility and/or criminal fines.

Felony burglary - Sentencing for felony burglary is more severe. First degree burglary can carry up to 25 years, while sentencing for second degree (1-15 years) and third degree burglary (1-7 year) is shorter.

What influences how the burglar is charged?

Several factors will determine whether the burglar is charged with misdemeanor or felony burglary, as well as whether the charge is in the first degree, second degree, or third degree:

  • The type of property trespassed upon.
  • The seriousness of the crime committed on the premises.
  • The time of day. Burglaries carried out at nighttime are considered more serious than daytime offenses.
  • Whether the perpetrator has a prior history of burglary.

Society will never eliminate the problem of crime, but individuals can take proactive steps to make their property less vulnerable to burglary. A qualified home security provider can offer comprehensive alarm monitoring as well as tips and advice for enjoying a safer home.

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