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Whether you’re searching for basic security or a system with all the bells and whistles, all ADT monitored home security systems include 24-hour monitoring, a digital keypad, three entryway contacts, a wireless keychain remote, a backup battery and yard signs and window decals. Note that any additional features you need – such as extra entryway contacts and wireless remotes – can be purchased to better customize your system to your home.

Digital Keypad

The digital keypad is the central point of your ADT security system. This is where you'll enter your alarm code, use two-way voice communication or opt for one-touch emergency access to dispatchers.

Three Entryway Contacts

Three monitored entryways mean you can have more than just your front door protected at all times. If someone opens a door to the back patio or garage uninvited, an alarm will alert you.

Wireless Keychain Remote

This handheld device lets you arm and disarm your home's ADT security system from within 50 feet of the digital keypad. The wireless keychain remote gives you more control right at your fingertips.

Motion Detector

The motion detector scans and shields your home's interior from any unfamiliar movement. For peace of mind, it can also be programmed to let your pet roam freely inside without triggering the alarm.

Yard Signs and Window Decals

ADT home security systems come with signs and decals that act as a visual warning for intruders. Letting everyone know ADT has your back 24/7 can prevent your home from unwanted threats.

24/7 ADT Monitoring

24-hour alarm monitoring keeps your home connected to ADT's six monitoring centers. When your alarm sounds in a crisis, an ADT dispatcher will respond and notify your local emergency personnel.

High-decibel Alarm

The high-decibel alarm alerts the entire household at the first sign of trouble. The siren on your ADT home security system is loud enough to help scare intruders away and notify you of an emergency.

Backup Battery

The system's backup battery provides up to 12 hours of emergency power. In the event of a short power outage, you can rest assured knowing your home is still armed by your ADT security system.

Remote Arm & Disarm

No matter where you are, use your smartphone, tablet or computer to arm or disarm your home security system. You can even set up alerts that notify you when your system hasn't been armed.

Garage Door Control

Can't remember if you closed the garage before you pulled away from the driveway? This ADT Pulse® feature lets homeowners control garage doors remotely and monitors and records all garage door activity.

Light Control

Return to a well-lit home after work or keep your lights on a schedule while you're on a weekend trip. ADT Pulse® light control offers automation convenience and helps deter potential intruders.

Door Lock Control

Lock and unlock doors right from your smartphone. Whether you're locked out of the house or won't be home to let the babysitter in, manage who's entering and leaving your home throughout the day.

Thermostat Control

Adjust climate settings based on your family's schedule and improve your home's energy efficiency. Also, ADT Pulse® works with the Nest Learning Thermostat to provide smarter energy management.

Text Alerts

Establish your home security settings and get real-time text alerts in the event of carbon monoxide detection, unlocked doors, climate control changes and potential intruders.

Two-way Voice

ADT's Two-way voice feature provides intercom style communication with a dispatcher at the sound of an alarm. With two-way voice, you won't have to scramble to find the nearest phone in an emergency.

Packages with two-way voice:

Essentials Plus and Total Protection Plus

Safewatch® CellGuard®

ADT's monitored wireless security system feature, Safewatch® CellGuard®, lets homeowners without a landline invest in home security. Stay connected and get real-time alerts through your mobile device.

Packages with Safewatch® CellGuard®:

Total Protection, Total Protection Plus and Premium Protection

Video Surveillance

Video cameras help you keep an extra eye on your home while you’re away. Watch live video recordings remotely on your smartphone, tablet or computer. This feature requires an additional purchase.

Packages that can add video surveillance:

Premium Protection

Why get an ADT monitored wireless security system?

An ADT monitored wireless system helps protect your home 24/7 through the company’s six state-of-the-art monitoring centers. This offers a level of protection that can’t be matched by other security companies out there.

Wireless systems are easier to install than wired systems because they don’t rely on wires and electrical outlets around your home. Also, a wireless security system is adjustable, giving you the option to expand or upgrade your level of security. The decision to purchase a wireless security system shouldn’t be taken lightly, and that’s why ADT makes customer education and satisfaction a priority. The more you understand, the better choices you’ll make to keep your loved ones out of harm’s way.

With an ADT monitored wireless system, you’re getting a competitive price and access to innovative home security features. Not only does every package come with basic protection, but some packages also come with different high-tech features. Keep in mind that your wireless security system’s installation will be handled professionally and will be scheduled at your convenience.

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