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Experience the comfort that comes from counting on America’s # 1 home security provider. ADT Home Security has been watching over businesses, homes and federal buildings for years. ADT Home Security delivers around the clock monitoring by having its Monitored Security System, which involves a High-Decibel Alarm Siren, door and window sensors and an infrared motion sensor. With qualified personnel overseeing your residence full-time, you can be at peace knowing that with an ADT Monitored Alarm System your property is in good hands.

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Criminals have unfortunately developed card-skimming resources that assist them in stealing your identity. This enables them to then take your personal information and steal all the money in your bank account. Fortunately, ADT has developed ADT Anti-Skim™ Security Solutions, which is installed into ATM machine and is able to identify and thwart any attempts by a card-skimming device. ADT Anti-Skim technology is designed to prevent this practice by equipping ATM’s to detect and prevent the use of skimming devices. ADT’s Anti-Skim technology also allows ATM owners to integrate skim detection with alarm detection and surveillance systems, helping to ensure your safety when you swipe your card. It’s one more way ADT is helping to keep you safe.

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A medical-related crisis may be particularly difficult to cope with when you are home alone. With the push of a button on a portable water resistant wristband or pendant ADT Home Security can offer not only protection from external forces, but also help in times of emergencies in your home. Communicative processes such as a two-way intercom installed in your home can provide you help in times of medical-related threat. Be equipped for any medical-related emergency with swift support from ADT Security and notification to your neighbors, family or EMS.

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