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Just for a dollar per day, help protect your house using an ADT Monitored Home Security System. ADT Monitored Intruder Alarm Systems come with low month-to-month overseeing costs including a one time $99 installment fee. Sign on right now with Security Choice, a certified ADT dealer, spend the money for $99 installation charge, and have a no cost ADT Monitored Burglar Alarm highly valued at $850. Utilize ADT for cost effective, high quality safety monitoring that a lot of Americans believe in.

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ADT doesn’t want your home and valued possessions to be in danger of destruction by an unattended fire. When you equip your home with ADT's services, you have the ability to help protect your home against the possibility of a small fire getting out of control. 24-hour monitoring helps to keep you safe, even when mistakes are made. Provide yourself with peace of mind and superb assistance with household fires. All ADT Monitored Home Security Systems include a rapid response system that gives you reassurance in contacting the proper authorities as quickly as possible.

If you’ve heard the concept “look before you leap,” you know that it applies to protecting yourself from danger or possible harm to your health or safety. It’s wise to adhere to this principle when considering relocating to a new community or city. If you go to a crime information search engine, you can easily enter in your ZIP code and learn the crime information in your community. Remember that no matter how safe or risky the area, an ADT Monitored Home Security System can help to protect your house.

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The threat of a fire has an effect on each and every one of your family members, including your pets. Whiteface’s ADT Monitored Alarm Systems help secure your canine companions in in return for the ways they protect you - from burglary, carbon monoxide and fire. Join the millions of Americans all around the nation who have discovered the many advantages of providing protection to their pets and families by way of monitoring services made available by eight ADT monitoring centers located throughout the country. ADT Monitored Security Systems are installed in homes by ADT at an impressive rate of 80 security systems every hour. Credited with responding to 29 million security alerts per year, ADT Home Security is determined to help give protection to you and your cats or dogs from possible security threats. Turn to ADT, the country's #1 Home Security Provider in order to help protect the animals in your city, Texas home from unanticipated danger.

Lubbock, Texas Crime Statistics

There were 2,629 burglaries (50.6 per week) committed in Lubbock, Texas during 2015.
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Crime Statistics for Lubbock, Texas for the year 2015 :
Population Violent Crime Murder Rape Robbery Aggravated Assault Property Crime Burglary Larceny Theft MV Theft Arson
247,271 2,391 16 187 442 1,746 12,378 2,629 8,800 949 33
* Crime statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR)   

Every single person has their individual payment preferences. Luckily, ADT serves up convenient monthly payment possibilities to compliment everyone’s preferences. Arrange your billing pattern for month-to-month or quarterly bills and pay with check, or login to ADT’s internet payment program to streamline the payment process. Your bills are not something that you should have to feel concerned about-get in touch with ADT today to learn more about how ADT can help protect your house and your peace of mind.

Regardless of the nature of the crisis, an alarm siren is often the important element in notifying you of impending danger. Your ADT Monitored Home Security System is equipped with a High-Decibel Alarm Siren that can provide you with the warning you need in the event of an emergency. The loudness of the alarm siren is powerful enough to let you and your neighbors know about a break-in, and it could even discourage possible burglars. Opt for ADT and get an alarm that you can hear from anywhere inside or outside of your house.

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