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It’s not an easy task going out and buying a home security system, but with ADT Home Security you won't have to make any hasty decisions. The first step with ADT Home Security is a free phone consultation with a professional about any concerns you may have with your home’s security. You’ll get a professional analysis of your home, lifestyle, and security needs and suggestions about which security package is best suited for you. It’s also important to note that whatever decision you make is not binding; more features can always be bought later. When you talk to your ADT consultant, feel free to also ask about which guarantees are available to you, such as the Theft Protection Guarantee and the Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate. ADT is here to simplify shopping so you don’t have to feel lost or confused about anything when it comes to home security.

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ADT's Security Service is not a replacement for neighborhood surveillance, but works hand in hand with your community efforts to help defend your household. By presenting your ADT yard signs and being proactive in establishing neighborhood security, you and your neighbors can help keep criminals away from your homes. In addition, your neighbor will find it comforting to know your residence is protected. ADT is America’s #1 home security service, call today to help make your home and neighborhood a safer place to live.

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As cellphones become smarter, landlines are slowly and gradually becoming memories of the past. If you or those who reside in your home happen to fall in this group, it may be to your advantage to think about protecting your residence with ADT’s CellGuard® technology. With an upgraded security package from ADT, CellGuard® lets you connect instantly to an ADT dispatcher without any kind of physical cable or wiring. One could value the ability to access any ADT monitoring center at anytime, especially during times of distress and emergency. Consider the future of cellular technology along with the security features it can certainly provide for your city, OH household-call ADT today.

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