Home Security Secures your Peace of Mind and Property in Mississippi

Living in Mississippi is a rewarding experience, but what if it could be even better? Thanks to ADT Security, it can. ADT provides home security systems that protect your home and contribute to your peace of mind so you can live your life without worrying about protecting what you’ve already earned. Getting a home security system in Mississippi means so much more than having an alarm that goes off when someone tampers with your home’s entryways. It also means having the ability to immediately get help in your Mississippi home when you need it. ADT’s home security monitoring network consists of 8 customer monitoring centers, all of which are staffed with security experts ready to respond to your emergency. With ADT, you can rest easy each night with confidence knowing you are doing what’s necessary to keep your family and property out of harm’s way.

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For other regional Mississippi states, ADT offers home security in Alabama and Louisiana security systems, so all your friends and relatives can enjoy the peace of mind ADT provides. For ADT Security in Mississippi, or for any other part of the country, call 1-877-712-7549.

ADT provides the best security system equipment for your home in Mississippi

You may be wondering what exactly is included in a security system and how the monitoring network is interrelated with your Mississippi residence. When you order ADT Security in Mississippi, you’ll get all the basic components needed both to detect security threats and to notify ADT when there is an attempted burglary.

The main component, or the “brains”, of the system is the wireless digital keypad, which is installed in a location where it is convenient to operate as you leave or arrive home each day. This device lets you arm and disarm your system and features manual local dispatch for Mississippi police, medical and fire department assistance. The sensors that detect intrusion include three points of protection for entryways and an interior infrared motion detector. If someone tries to pry a door open, or if they pass by your motion detector in a burglary attempt, ADT’s high-decibel alarm siren will go off, alerting everyone in the area and possibly even scaring the burglar away. At this point, ADT is also notified so you get the help you need to address your Mississippi emergency.

When ADT receives your call, it will attempt to contact you to determine if the emergency is real or is the result of a false alarm. Upon verifying the seriousness of the situation, the monitoring expert will dispatch law enforcement officials to assist you. Where else can you find that type response for a security system in Mississippi?

7 reasons to call for Mississippi ADT security systems today

  1. As America’s leading home security provider, there is no other service that can match the experience, innovation and expertise of ADT Security services.
  2. More than 6 million customers have chosen ADT to provide security systems in Mississippi, home security systems in Texas, security systems in Arkansas, and just about everywhere else in the country! ADT is everywhere, which also makes it easier to get technical service when you need it.
  3. Federal courthouses, Fortune 500 companies, airports, major retailers and national and regional bank holding companies choose ADT for their security service, lending credence to the fact that ADT is the most reliable and most trusted provider in North America.
  4. ADT offers an array of Mississippi home security packages, so you get to choose the best solution at a price that matches your budget.
  5. ADT is the only security provider that offers Pulse® and CellGuard® technology. Both proprietary features make owning a home security system more rewarding than ever.
  6. ADT offers a Quality Service Plan that covers parts and labor on equipment, which reduces your maintenance costs.
  7. If you have a family member you’d like to order for, ADT’s national provider network makes this possible. Your son attending college will love Tennessee home security, and so will your daughter who lives across the country.

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