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ADT, the nation’s most trusted security provider, has been in the business for more than 130 years. Ever since its beginning in 1874, ADT has kept pace with technological advances, rather with the telegraph and watchmen's call boxes in the 19th century or with the present day's digital security solutions. Over the twentieth century, ADT Security invested greatly in rising safety advances, from the first automated fire and burglar security alarms to the first computer-assisted monitoring system in the 1970s - a forerunner to today’s Customer Monitoring Center Network. Monitoring has changed since 1874, however ADT Home Security's commitment to keeping your household free from danger has not changed.

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Don't be concerned if the power goes out - preserve your peace of mind by purchasing an ADT Monitored Home Security System. The power can fail instantly, so a backup power supply system will promptly kick in to make sure you stay connected with the #1 home security provider in America. The power can be out for hours in some instances, so ensure your backup battery is always charged to experience home security monitoring even without power. Whether it's day or night, power on or off, ADT is helping to keep you protected in your own household.

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In its attempts to help ward off crime, ADT has overseen the construction of numerous safety techniques including ADT Anti-Skim™ Security Solutions. With this technology, banks and ATM operators can now hinder criminals from hacking their systems and obtaining your precious information. This device detects the presence of card-skimming devices, and informs you when a threat has been detected. ADT tries to help protect not merely houses, but also Americans’ personal information.

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