Home Security in Louisiana is Best When it Comes from ADT

If you’re in the market for home security monitoring in Louisiana, consider that ADT is the clear choice in the industry. With more than 6 million customers and more than 130 years of experience, ADT is the best option to choose when it comes to purchasing home security systems and 24/7 security monitoring for your home in Louisiana. Just ask the nation’s Fortune 500 companies, national and regional bank holding companies, and federal courthouses – they’ll tell you ADT is the most reliable and most trusted in the industry, because many of them use ADT’s technology and security services, too.

When you get ADT home security in Louisiana, you can choose from several packages, each of which offers its own unique set of features and pricing. No matter what package you choose, you’ll find that you’re not spending any more on a daily basis than you spend for a cup of coffee. When you factor in the peace of mind you get from owning a home security system, that monthly rate seems all the more lower.

Find home security in Louisiana – just pick your city letter or city from the list:


Alexandria, LABaton Rouge, LACovington, LADenham Springs, LA
Hammond, LAHouma, LALafayette, LALake Charles, LA
Monroe, LANatchitoches, LANew Orleans, LARuston, LA
Shreveport, LASlidell, LASunset, LA

Home security will likely change the way you live your life in Louisiana, because you’ll feel like you have more freedom. This freedom will come both in the physical freedom to leave your monitored home unattended if need be, and the mental freedom that will develop after you realize how much a home security system has given you peace of mind about the safety of your family and your property.

ADT Security – Louisiana and national coverage

ADT’s security systems are backed by a network of 8 interconnected monitoring centers, which respond to calls and provide emergency assistance when your burglar alarm detects suspicious activity in or around your Louisiana residence. The highly efficient network is capable of rerouting calls from one monitoring center to another, should there ever be a power outage or other circumstances that would keep one center from operating. But ADT’s home security monitoring centers aren’t just reliable, they’re effective. And the numbers prove it:

  • ADT responds to 50,000 crimes in progress each year. That’s nearly 1000 times each week that ADT helps salvage the property, security, peace of mind or all of the above for its subscribers.
  • ADT interfaces with approximately 38,000 law enforcement, medical and fire agencies across the country. Chances are, your local Louisiana home falls in one of these jurisdictions.
  • ADT security monitoring centers act on more than 29 million alarm signals each year, include 93,000+ daily alarms and 8,000 customer contacts per hour around-the-clock. If this doesn’t reveal the power and sophistication of ADT’s monitoring network, then consider also that ADT has 200,000+ total inbound and outbound calls per day – that’s more than 1000 calls per monitoring center, per hour!

The best part about ADT’s monitoring network is that you can get home security in Louisiana and everywhere else. If you have parents or elderly relatives that live in nearby states, check out security systems in Alabama, or find deals for home security in Texas. Likewise, if you have kids or other family members you know could benefit from a safer and more secure home in another state, learn more about ADT security systems in Mississippi, check out Oklahoma home security, or discover the best ADT security in Arkansas has to offer. Regardless of where ADT security systems are installed, the consistent attention to customer safety and home security innovation is what sets them apart from the rest.

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  • ADT offers 24/7 monitoring for your Louisiana home, so you can gain physical and mental freedom.
  • ADT uses the highest quality security systems, so your first layer of defense against burglars is the best in the industry.
  • An ADT security specialist can tell you everything you need to know about order the nation’s most reliable home security service.

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