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ADT excels among its competitors in every aspect of the home security industry. With 130 years of expertise as the oldest security company in the United States, ADT has 6 million customers to its credit. Thanks to non-stop surveillance at eight Customer Monitoring Centers located at strategic points around the country, ADT dispatchers are ready to deal with any emergencies that may be in progress in or around your home. This combination of 24/7 monitoring, superior customer service and continuous technological advances confirms ADT as the country's top provider of home security and the most respected name in the industry.

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Regarding things valuable, there is generally some kind of warning measure set up to ward off would-be intruders. Whether it is a prototypical overgrown guard dog hanging out in the front yard or the armed guard standing firm in front of a palace, people want to make certain their valuable objects remain safeguarded from other people. There are many precautions you can take to make your home security known, but with ADT Home Security all it takes is a yard sign or window decal. Be proactive by having an ADT Security Services window decal and yard sign on your property today. Discover more about the features of an ADT Monitored Home Security System by calling today.

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Just being unprepared is sometimes the biggest threat to your safety. ADT Monitored Home Security Systems allow you to get help when you need it most. Two-way voice intercoms and options for a wristband or pendants containing emergency buttons for elders allow you and your family members confidence in knowing that someone is looking out for you. As the nation’s #1 provider of home security monitoring, ADT Security's 24-hour monitoring ensures that relatives or friends and neighbors are alerted and that medical related services are on the way during your crisis. Be prepared - call to learn more about Valparaiso ADT Monitored Alarm System.

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