Finally, Home Security Systems in Illinois

If you’re looking for the best home security service in the industry, ADT in Illinois is your best option. Founded in 1874, ADT has been in business more than 130 years and serves more than 6 million customers throughout the United States in various capacities – be it providing home security service, monitoring government buildings, or providing security services for some of the nation’s biggest companies and retailers. Without question, ADT is the most experienced and most trusted home security system provider you’ll find in Illinois.

Getting a security system for your home gives you the opportunity to experience peace of mind and flexibility. When you arm your security as you leave your home each day, you’ll have a quiet confidence that your valuables are protected from burglary. Not only will your security system alert ADT when you someone tries to compromise your property, but ADT will then also notify local law enforcement of your situation so you can get help whether you’re home or not.

Discover ADT home security in Illinois

You can get home security in Illinois today. Choose your city from the list below to learn more about Illinois security systems!


Aurora, ILBloomington, ILChampaign, ILChicago, IL
Decatur, ILNaperville, ILNorthbrook, ILPeoria, IL
Springfield, IL

Residents who live in the Illinois region can also browse security systems in Wisconsin for deals in the Badger State. Hawkeye State residents can or take a look at deals for home security in Iowa. And even Missouri residents can check out Missouri home security systems for more information about ADT’s national home security service and monitoring. It really doesn’t matter where you live, because ADT operates in all corners of the United States and has the monitoring capacity to handle anything from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Call 1-877-712-7549 for more information

Anyone in Illinois can own an ADT home security system

Illinois homeowners can choose from an array of security system packages to get the best value. For as little as a cup of coffee per day, you can own a state of the art security system, backed by the best monitoring network in the industry.

Security System Components in Illinois

When your order an ADT home security system for your home in Illinois, you get the basic monitoring components no matter which package you choose:

  • Wireless Digital Keypad: Easily operate your home security system from this main control panel. You can arm or disarm your security system, or you can manually call for emergency assistance with ADT’s industry-standard keypad.
  • Three Points of Protection: Which doors and windows do you want protected in your home? Illinois homeowners can choose up to three entryways to guard when they get a home security system installed. Homeowners with more windows and doors, or those who want more security, can add additional detectors.
  • Interior Infrared Motion Detector: With ADT, you can monitor not only your home’s entrances, but also the activity inside key hallways and other areas. ADT’s interior infrared motion triggers your security alarm if someone is plundering in your home when you’re asleep or away. It also has a setting that prevents it from responding to the movements of your pets.
  • High Decibel Alarm Siren: When someone tries to break in your home, you – along with everyone else in the neighborhood – will be immediately notified via the loud, piercing noise that comes from this device. Your security system also notifies ADT when your alarm sounds.

Illinois Home Security Monitoring

Whether you order home security in Illinois, get a Kentucky security system or refer friends to ADT security in Indiana, you’ll always be backed by ADT’s sophisticated monitoring network. The network consists of 8 interconnected monitoring centers who response to security alarms and dispatch emergency services when they are needed. The best part is that it’s also reliable – if one monitoring center goes down, the structure of the network enables it to continue operating seamlessly. Customer calls are automatically rerouted to the most appropriate monitoring center, where they can get help fast.

Call 1-877-712-7549 for ADT security systems and home monitoring in Illinois. You’ll be glad you did.