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ADT Home Security responds to 93,000 alarms every day, helping to keep you safe night and day. Speedy response times ensure that ADT Monitored Home Security Systems continue to be ranked in front of the competition when it comes to securing your home and loved ones. ADT Security Services takes your home's protection seriously, offering both 24/7/365 monitoring and various other cutting-edge safeguards. Finding the security system that best matches your needs is as simple as speaking with an ADT associate today.

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Credit card fraud is a very real concern in the United States due to the increasingly widespread usage of skimming devices. Through the installation of skimming devices on ATMs, criminals can easily obtain personal data from the magnetic strips on credit, debit, or ATM cards and utilize them in criminal fraudulence. Even so, by employing their Anti Skim ATM Security Solution, ADT canassist in wardingoff identity thieves. This technology features a CPK (card protection kit) and stops the skimmer from taking your card’s information. Further more, experts from ADT will monitor ATMs and warn the appropriate authorities when a skimming attack is in progress. Don’t wait until after you've become a victim-call today and ask about more of ADT’s innovative security features.

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