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Don’t allow for billing to worry you. At ADT, the payment method is so simple and easy that the thought of paying another expense won’t cause extra strain on your life. You can make your payment routine to go by monthly or quarterly invoices and to pay by check or go online and use ADT’s internet payment service to help make paying your expenses a breeze. Speak to an ADT consultant today if you have any questions and learn how to help to make your life a bit more hassle-free.

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Unlawful card skimming has grown in prevalence across the nation, increasing cases of fraud. The alarming growth in the use of skimming devices in recent times within the US is a source of great concern. These skimming tools are installed inside ATMs and are then used to steal your personal information off the magnetic strips on the backs of debit and credit cards. ADT provides innovative tools to address this with the ADT Anti-Skim™ ATM Security Solution. The Anti-Skim solution employs CPK (Card Protection Kit) technology and once installed on the inside of an ATM, it can stop card-skimming devices from reading a card’s magnetic strip correctly. In addition, the ADT Anti-Skim™ ATM Security Solution immediately transmits a signal to the police upon detection of a skimmer. Don’t get trapped in the chaos that fraud creates, call today to discover more about ADT and protective safety measures.

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