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If you’re searching for the perfect Delaware home security solution, you’ve come to the right place. As America’s most trusted security provider, ADT provides home security systems and monitoring services for citizens all throughout the nation. Whether you’re looking for a home security system in Delaware for yourself, or you need to browse security systems in Maryland for your elderly relatives or children, ADT has the experience and expertise to match you with the ideal home security solution.

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What sets ADT home security in Delaware apart from all the other security system companies is its sophisticated monitoring center network. The network consists of eight interconnected centers, each of which is staffed with security professionals ready to help you when you need it. Because the centers are interconnected, you can get help even if your nearest monitoring center experiences a power outage. ADT will simply reroute your emergency call to another monitoring center, where a professional will be waiting to assist you. And whether you get a Delaware home security system, or recommend home security in Pennsylvania to a friend, the fast response time is a consistent and game-changing component of ADT security systems. Call 1-877-712-7549 today to order yours!

ADT Security Systems in Delaware are your best choice for home security

The monitoring network is just the back end of your Delaware home security system. It’s your method for getting help when you’re in trouble. But how does ADT know when you’re in trouble? For the answer to that, look no further than the state of the art security systems, which offer industry leading technology and security features that keep your Delaware home safe.

ADT’s security systems include all the components you need to protect your home from burglary and get help when you need it most. The basic system components include a wireless digital keypad, three entryway contacts for doors and windows, a wireless interior motion detector and a high-decibel alarm siren. The keypad lets you easily arm and disarm your home security system, while the three entryway contacts and interior motion detector monitors your home for potential burglaries. If a burglar tries to break in, the high-decibel alarm siren goes off – notifying you and neighbors of the threat. At this point, ADT is notified, and they will attempt to contact you to determine your emergency needs.

Delaware home security systems, as well security systems in New Jersey and New York security systems, also come with a wireless keychain remote, a 12-hour backup battery and ADT yard sign and window decals. The keychain remote lets you arm and disarm your security system anywhere in your home, or from up to 50 feet away from your keypad. The backup battery serves as protection should your power ever go out. And the ADT yard sign and window decal lets neighbors and potential burglars know that your home is protected by the best in the business. And although these are the basic Delaware home security system features, it’s also the same equipment you get with ADT security systems in Virginia.

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Call today to see what security package best fits your Delaware home. ADT offers different packages so you can get the home security features you need at a price that fits seamlessly into your monthly budget. You can speak with a home security specialist who will tell you everything you need to know about the installation process and what specific features can best benefit you.

When you call 1-877-712-7549, you aren’t just getting a home security system. You’re getting peace of mind for you and your loved ones. You’re getting the ability to rest easy each night knowing that you’re being monitored by the best professionals in the industry. And you’re getting that good feeling of knowing you’re doing your part to contribute to a more secure community.