ADT Security is Available from to Colorado

ADT Security possesses an extensive response network that enables it to respond to more than 93,000 alarm signals each day. ADT has eight Customer Monitoring Centers that comprise an interdependent national monitoring network. ADT sets up more than 80 security systems hourly and guards 90 percent of all Fortune 500 firms. ADT has become America's #1 home security provider thanks to far-reaching security and comprehensive solutions.

Colorado Residents are Choosing ADT as their Home Security Provider

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A security system's communication capabilities and infrastructure determine how good the system is. When you invest in an ADT Monitored Security System, your residence receives continual overseeing by one of eight ADT Security Customer Monitoring Facilities that monitor your home even when you are asleep. Your home can now be watched under extreme weather conditions because ADT Security's facilities are made to endure the effects of rough weather conditions. As America's top Home Security provider, you can trust that ADT's Customer Command Centers will help keep your property's safety!

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Things usually become chaotic during a power failure, but with an ADT Monitored Security System, you'll consistently be able to keep your home's security. The backup power supply given to you by ADT will immediately be activated if the power goes out so that you and your family members can stay secure in the most trying of times. Keeping your backup battery charged is vital when it comes to being prepared for power failures, so make sure not to overlook this task. No matter if it's light or dark out, power on or off, ADT is there no matter what to help secure you and your family's safety.

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